Mixed-use Project
in the heart of the Moodyville

402-438 E 3rd St & 341-343 St David’s Ave, North Vancouver, Canada, BC

Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Time: 7pm – 8:30pm

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Please see below a briefing of the proposed project materials.
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A Neighbourhood Hub in the Heart of Moodyville

Transit-Oriented Hub

Transit-Oriented Hub

To be the mixed-use, transit-oriented, pedestrian friendly commercial-residential hub of Moodyville.

Social Interaction

Social Interaction

To provide opportunities for social interaction in the public sphere.

Local Business

Local Business

To create opportunities for local businesses in the heart of this neighbourhood in transformation.

Distinctive Landmark

Distinctive Landmark

To create a distinctive landmark to contribute to neighbourhood identity.

Attainable Home Ownership

Attainable Home Ownership

To create attainable home ownership for a variety of household sizes and compositions, particularly for Millennials.

Create a Community

Create a Community

To complement other new development in Moodyville and create a complete community.



A Mixed-use Development

In the heart of the Moodyville

West Building57,214 sqft
East Building72,807 sqft
North Building16,824 sqft

Residential units

3 Bedroom18
2 Bedroom63
1 Bedroom (& Jr 1 bedroom)74

Commercial units

Commercial Units20,908 Sqft
Office Spaces4,563 Sqft
Daycare3,590 Sqft
  • Shared Parking: Residential Visitor & Commercial 10 spaces
  • Total Commercial Parking Provided 51 spaces
  • Total Residential Parking Provided 162 spaces


Project address:

402-438 E 3rd St & 341-343 St David’s Ave, North Vancouver, Canada, BC

This project is a mixed-use commercial-residential development in the heart of Moodyville. The land assembly includes the north side of 400-block East 3rd Street, plus 341 St David’s Avenue across the lane.

On East 3rd Street we propose a West Building and an East Building, separated by a public breezeway. The West Building is four storeys, and the East Building is five storeys.

341 St Davids Avenue is across the lane and north of the East Building. We propose a North Building in this location. The north building will commercial units fronting the lane, live/work units fronting St Davids Avenue, with townhouse units fronting 4th Street. The North Building is four storeys at the lane, and tapers down to two storeys at 4th Street.

We propose a special commercial lane and public gathering place on the east portion of the lane. The North and East Buildings will have small commercial units fronting the lane. We propose to close the east portion of the lane to vehicular traffic, and transform this space into a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly, car-free neighbourhood commercial destination, intended for outdoor patio space, cafes and other local commercial uses. We propose festive weather protection over the lane to further promote its use as an outdoor gathering place.

The site features a significant downward slope. This means that the elevation at the grade of 3rd Street is below average grade, and technically underground. We are referring to this level as “Ground Level”. The elevation of the lane is one storey higher than East 3rd Street. We refer to the lane elevation as “First Level” in our drawings. The Official Community Plan counts the number of permitted storeys from the lane, or the high side of the site.

The proposal features several segments:

West Building
  • 4 storeys
  • Live/work units on E 3rd frontage
  • Townhouses fronting the lane
  • Residential condos on upper storeys
  • Rooftop amenity area
East Building
  • 5 storeys
  • Commercial units on E 3rd frontage
  • Commercial units fronting the lane
  • Daycare fronting the lane, adjacent to the breezeway. The daycare is intended to be dedicated to the City, who will lease the space to a non-profit daycare operator.
  • Offices on the 2nd storey
  • Residential units above
North Building
  • A four-storey mixed-use building on 341 St David’s Avenue, featuring a daycare, live/work units at grade along St David’s Avenue, and commercial units fronting the lane
  • A breezeway separates the east and west buildings
  • Public pedestrian connection to the lane
  • Lobby entrance on E 3rd
  • Outside play space for daycare
  • Outside seating area for commercial unit on E 3rd Street
  • Commercial loading area on the north end of the breezeway, with access from the lane.
  • Commercial loading area on the north end of the breezeway, with access from the lane.
  • West end of the lane: townhouses fronting the lane
  • East end of the lane: commercial units
  • Weather protection spans the lane to shelter commercial laneway gathering place
  • Two levels of underground parking
  • Bicycle parking
  • Access from St Patricks Avenue, rather than the lane.


input so far

We Are Listening

What some say they like about the project

Affordable Home Ownership Program – below-market units available with potential support from BC Housing
Architecture and form of the building
Materials and theme of the building
The public pedestrian breezeway, connecting E 3rd to the lane
Number of the parking spaces
St Davids Greenway and multi-use trail
Neighbourhood Hub
New Traffic Light at St Patricks @ E 3rd Street
Rent-to-Own Program
10” Road Dedication to widen E 3rd, contributing to a bike lane and a bus lane
Public Gathering Space
Transit-Oriented Development
Supporting Local Business
Neighbourhood Commercial
Public Art Opportunities
Undergrounding Hydro lines in the lane
Economic Benefits: local employment
Animating the Lane for Pedestrians, Cyclists, Shoppers

We Are Listening

What Some Are Concerned About

Massing & Height of the Project
  • We heard from our adjacent neighbours on 4th Street that our north building was too high (5 storeys), and too bulky.
  • We have reduced the height at its tallest point adjacent to the lane to 4 storeys, and the building terraces down to two storeys as it approaches 4th Street. The north portion of the building is now proposed to be lower in height than the adjacent duplex.
Commercial Uses On 4th & St Davids Ave.
  • Our original proposal featured a daycare fronting 4th Street. The daycare has been moved to the breezeway between the east and west buildings. Now we propose residential units fronting 4th Street.
  • Live/Work Units are proposed to front St Davids Avenue, north of the lane. These are residential units from which a limited variety of businesses are permitted to operate (e,g, professional offices). A live/work use is already permitted on 400-block E 4th Street (a law office), so this is consistent with nearby uses.
Casting Shadow
  • We heard that neighbours were concerned about shadows cast by the proposed buildings. The most significant shadow impacts would come from our north building and the span we had proposed across the lane.
  • Our updated design dramatically reduces both the height and massing of our north building to reduce shadow impacts. We have also proposed to remove the two-storey structure that was intended to span the lane, further reducing shadow impacts.
  • We found that our breezeway allowed sunlight between the proposed east and west buildings to illuminate the duplexes neighbouring the project on the north side of the lane. We widened the breezeway to allow more sun to reach neighbouring properties.
  • We are supplying parking for our building in two levels of underground parking. The entrance to the parking is from St Patricks Avenue.
  • Numbers
  • Variance
  • Decoupling smallest units from parking supply.
  • Traffic in the City is part of a larger, regional transportation issue. We are doing our part to supply local transportation infrastructure.
  • We are dedicating 10’ along the E 3rd frontage to provide for a bike path and a bus lane.
  • We are providing a new traffic signal, with a new southbound to eastbound left turn lane, at St Patricks Avenue at E 3rd Street.
  • We are designing and constructing a new Greenway, with a multi-use pathway, on St Davids Avenue.
  • We are proposing population density and commercial uses to support public transit along the new Express Bus corridor on E 3rd Street.
  • We are proposing a neighbourhood commercial hub so residents can walk to shops and a daycare to supply their daily needs. This allows for more people to walk, rather than drive.
  • We propose to close the east part of the lane to regular car traffic. This will create a safe pedestrian environment for shoppers. It will also prevent rat-running through the lane when traffic backs up on 3rd Street due to a traffic incident on the 2nd Narrows Bridge.
Rooftop Overview
  • Some people are concerned that users of the rooftop amenity deck proposed on the west building will inappropriately overlook their back yards and invade privacy.
  • We have set back the edge of the rooftop amenity deck from the north edge of the building, so users of this space will not have a good angle to inappropriately overlook neighbouring yards.
Commercial Loading Area
  • No commercial loading is permitted on 3rd Street. A commercial loading area is proposed in the breezeway between the east and west building.
  • Commercial loading can also be done from the parkade, using an elevator.
  • We understand that some commercial suppliers might want to unload their vehicles from St Davids Avenue. We have designed the greenway to create an informal loading area, allowing small trucks to pull over to the side of the road and quickly unload their supplies.
Garbage Room
  • A garbage truck can enter the parkade to collect solid waste.
Daycare Location
  • Originally, we proposed a daycare in the north building, fronting 4th Street. In response to feedback from neighbours, we have re-located this use to the east building, adjacent to the breezeway.
input so far

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