Project address:

402-438 E 3rd St & 341-343 St David’s Ave, North Vancouver, Canada, BC

In the middle of the redeveloping neighborhood of Moodyville,

on the north side of East 3rd Street between St Davids Avenue and St Patrick’s Avenue.

The site is currently a mix of single-family homes and duplexes, with a mixed commercial-residential site on the east corner. The neighborhood is a mix of older homes and duplexes and many new multifamily buildings and townhouses. At St Davids Avenue, East 3rd Street follows the bend in the coastline: east of St Davids, East 3rd Street runs east-west, and west of St Davids the street turns north-west.

The site is designated as having “low” environmental sensitivity in Schedule C of the OCP. The site is located in the East 3rd Street Frequent Transit Development Area. Medium-density mixed-use development is supported in this area to increase residential density and provide a pedestrian-friendly and transit-supportive environment. Council approved funding for a greenway along St. David’s to connect the Spirit Trail and the Green necklace.

Across St David’s Avenue east of the site is intended for future commercial uses when it redevelops. With commercial uses envisioned on both sides of St David’s Avenue, St Davids becomes a transition from commercial uses on East 3rd to live/work uses fronting St Davids at 4th Street. Converting the east portion of the lane of the development site into a pedestrian-oriented gathering place further reinforces this emerging neighbourhood commercial node.