Timeline of the Project

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2016 - Negotiation for land assembly phase 1 started


May 2016 - Feasibility Study for phase 1 (Land assembly)

  • Phase 1 Land Assembly: 426,428,432,434,438 East 3rd Street

August 2017 - Beginning to discuss this project with the CNV

  • Phase 1 Land Assembly: 426,428,432,434,438 East 3rd Street

October 2017 - Negotiation for Land Assembly Phase 2 Started

  • 341-343 St Davids’ Ave

November 5, 2017 - Pre-Consultation Application Submitted for Phase 1

  • Mixed-Use Development Phase 1 Land Assembly: 426,428,432,434,438 East 3rd Street

Early 2018 - Phase 2 Land Assembly Brought under the Contract

  • Phase 2 Land Assembly: 426,428,432,434,438 East 3rd St. & 341-343 St Davids’ Ave.

Spring 2018 - Received Response from CNV

  • Response from CNV

July 10, 2018 - New Application Submission

  • Mixed-Use Development Phase 2 Land Assembly: 426,428,432,434,438 East 3rd St. & 341-343 St Davids’ Ave.

October 15, 2018 - Received Memo -MRT response from CNV

  • Response from CNV

April 2019 - Pre-Consultation Application for the new Land assembly

Mixed-Use Development for the Current Land Assembly:  402-438 East 3rd St. & 341-343 St Davids’ Ave.

We received early input from City staff on a draft redevelopment concept. The draft concept featured commercial units on the E 3rd frontage along the entire 400-block, and less density on the north lot fronting E 4th Street.

February 2019 - Adjacent Neighbour Introduction Letter

  • A letter introducing Cascadia Green and an early redevelopment concept was circulated to neighbours for comment.

August 21, 2019 - Rezoning and Official Community Plan Amendment Application

  • This is when a fully coordinated rezoning and OCP amendment package was submitted to the City for review. It is the version of the plan which was presented at the November 19, 2019 Development Information Session.
    This iteration of the project featured a four-storey west building, a five-storey east building, a five-storey north building with a daycare on the E 4th Street frontage, a two-storey span across the lane at the top two storeys of the east and north building, and a commercial east portion of the lane.

September 2019 - Adjacent Neighbour Letter #2

  • A second letter was distributed to the neighbourhood, inviting neighbours to contact Cascadia Green to review the proposed redevelopment. The letter introduced Cascadia Green’s intent to create a neighbourhood commercial hub, with commercial units on the E 3rd frontage of the east building, and in the east part of the lane. Individual meetings were held with several neighbours to discuss the project and receive feedback.

October 7, 2019 - Council Directs Staff to Process Application

  • Council directs staff to process the Official Community Plan amendment application.

October 9, 2019 - Advisory Planning Commission Support

The Cascadia Green team presented the project to the City’s Advisory Planning Commission, a committee of local citizens with community planning expertise. The APC supported the project with the following recommendations:

  • Strengthen the Electric Vehicle charging provisions and sheltered visitor bike parking
  • Explore in-kind community amenity contributions, including affordable daycare
  • Explore a viable commercial/move-in/move-out loading area and sufficient pick-up/drop-off loading spaces
  • Explore local placemaking and indigenous and bee friendly landscaping.

The Commission notably appreciated:

  • The overall massing and scale
  • The proposed Rent-to-Own program
  • The flexible, pedestrian-oriented lane

Interest in daycare.

October 16, 2019 - Advisory Design Panel

The Cascadia Green team presented the project to the City’s Advisory Design Panel, a panel of local citizens with design and development expertise. The Panel recommended approval of the project, subject to:

  • Considering the use and design of the north building off of St Davids
  • Further design development of the laneway use, animation and circulation
  • Consideration for a more generous space to the pedestrian and public realm in the breezeway
  • Further design development to all offsite transitional edges
  • Exploring more significant moves on the south-east corner mixing architecture, landscape architecture and public art
  • Considering the daycare design, location and outdoor amenity
  • Considering a tiered approach to the north building
  • Further developing the unit mix and use throughout the project
  • Encourage increasing the rooftop amenity space

Exploring and balance appropriate lighting for CPTED concerns and for public realm activities

November 19, 2019 - Development Information Session

  • The Development Information Session was a well-attended public meeting, offering the public an opportunity to learn more and comment about the proposal. The meeting was held at the John Braithewaite Community Centre.

November 21, 2019 - Design Workshop with Adjacent Neighbour

  • Working with an adjacent neighbour to improve the transition between our proposed project and their property

January 2020 - Presented Massing Options to Neighbours for Comment

  • Three massing options were presented to adjacent neighbours for comment. The massing options showed different ways height and massing could be reduced on the north building to reduce shadow impacts. Different breezeway designs were explored.

January/February 2020 - Vetted Daycare Concept

  • We vetted our daycare concept with City staff and licensing officials at Vancouver Coastal Health. They supported the concept in principle, subject to negotiations with the City and detailed design work.

March 4, 2020 - Integrated Transportation Committee

  • Cascadia Green presented the project to the City’s Integrated Transportation Committee, an advisory committee of local citizens with transportation planning and engineering expertise. The ITC supported the project in principle, and supported a new traffic signal at E 3rd Street and St Patricks Avenue. The project was commended for proposing charging stations for cars and bicycles.

March 10, 2020 - Heritage Advisory Committee

  • The Cascadia Green team presented the project to the City’s Heritage Advisory Committee because two houses on E 3rd Street are included on the City’s Heritage “B” list. The B list is for older houses with lesser heritage value than the “A” list and do not receive heritage protection. The HAC accepted that the B list houses have been altered over time and have little heritage value today. If anyone wishes to relocate the heritage houses for preservation, Cascadia Green Development will give them the houses for free. Heritage celebration and recognition on the site will be considered in the Public Art Plan.

April 2, 2020 - Second Submission to the City

  • The second submission to the City made several changes in response to public feedback and City staff comments. Most of the changes were intended to reduce height, massing, and shadow impacts on adjacent neighbours.
    This iteration, and reduced the height and massing of the north building, from five storeys at the lane, terracing down to two storeys as the building approaches E 4th Street. The breezeway was widened to allow more light and air between the east and west building to the lots of adjacent neighbours. The daycare was moved from the north building to the east building to reduce impact on the residential character of E 4th Street.

March - June 2020 - Neighbour Engagement

  • Nearby neighbours were invited to review the updated proposal in a virtual meeting format.

May – June 2020 - Public Realm Workshops for Neighbours

  • A neighbour and critic with design expertise was hired to offer four public realm workshops, in a virtual format, with other neighbours. The intent was to seek input and feedback on the design of the lane, the span over the lane, street furniture, public art, the breezeway, and other aspects of the public realm on and around the site.

May 11, 2020 - Public Art Advisory Committee

  • The Cascadia Green team presented the project to the Public Art Advisory Committee. The Committee supported the plan in principle, identifying opportunities for public art in the commercial lane, at the south-east corner and the E 3rd frontage, and in the breezeway.

June 2020 - Design Development of North Building and Lane

The Cascadia Green team undertook further design development of the north building and the lane.

  • An additional storey was removed from the south end of the north building, reducing height at its tallest point to four storeys. The building terraces down to two storeys as it approaches 4th Street, where the building is proposed to be lower than the adjacent duplex.

The two-storey span across the lane was replaced by a more modest shelter concept: less massing, less height, but retaining weather protection for the commercial lane.

July 14, 2020 - Town Hall Meeting

  • We are here!

Upcoming - 1st Reading

  • Future Milestone

Upcoming - Public Hearing/ 2nd and 3rd Reading

  • Future Milestone

Upcoming - 4th Reading / Adoption

  • Future Milestone

Upcoming - Building Permit Application

  • Future Milestone